Thursday, 9 January 2014

Out of this world!

January 8, 2014

Good morning from the other side of the world! Today was our first full day in Pune, India.  Our team arrived early this morning, around 3:30am at Pune International Airport.  The airport was pretty empty apart from our flight.  We were hit with the smell of burning wood, and the warm damp air of the early morning in India. 
Our driver was ready to receive us and take us through Pune to our hotel.  The city was busy in the early morning hours.  There was a lot of whistle blowing and horn honking.  I have learned quickly this is the mode of communication on the roads.  It was a pleasant interesting drive.  There was a lot going on around town.  The dogs were out on their early morning prowls, the rickshaws were all parked on the side roads, and we were just happy to be on solid ground. 
We arrived at a beautiful hotel in the midst of Pune’s busy streets.  We were greeted by kind help, bringing in our bags.  Settled into bed for a quick morning rest until the sun came up.  Breakfast was brilliant!  A grand buffet offered flavors of all kinds. 
Around lunchtime, we were met by an associate from the clinic we will be studying at.  He offered us a welcome and some general information, such as how to get to clinic, how to get a SIM phone card, and he really wanted to show us Pizza Hut and MacDonald’s. 
The staff here and the doctors from Prauna Clinic have been so hospitable and attentive to our wishes.  People in India have been kind, and helpful which makes the adjustments easier. 
We are adjusting to the change of time, and getting adequate rest now.  Tomorrow we will undertake some shopping, exploring, and maybe make it to a local museum. 
Before, I leave you for the night, I must say the flavors of Buttered Chicken and fresh garlic buttered naan are still dancing in my mouth.  It has been an exhausting 24 hours, it feels as if someone has taken me and dropped me in the middle of the ocean.  It is a feeling that I recall, not too long ago, when I began homeopathy.  Everything seems a bit strange still, out of touch, yet there is something extraordinary about this journey we embark upon today. 

Cocculus ia a know remedy for ailments from night watching.  For example, nurses who sit up all night watching their sick patients, or mothers up with their nursing children.  In my case, I used this remedy for the repercussions of Jetlag.  The time change and tracel to India is along, and the loss of sleep has been much more than usual.  The homeopathic texts state the following keynotes for the remedy picture of Cocculus:  “The loss of sleep produces an oversensitivity of the nerves - they become "raw" and "on the edge": "Oversensitivity to noise, to riding in a carriage, to odours, to looking at moving objects", "Giddiness, dullness, a sense of imbalance". As a result, the patients want to lie down with their eyes closed.” 

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