Friday, 31 January 2014

Good bye India…till we meet again.

As I sit and glance out of the window this morning, with a bird’s eye view from the ninth floor of the Prana center I reminisce of the past weeks I have spent in India.  The stillness of the morning embraces the children as they come out into the morning sun on the playing field, floors below.  The river appears to the north and the south through the mist of the day.  A building elaborate in color from saris blowing in the wind catch’s my attention.  In my view past the bronze flag, of the next rooftop, I see a woman busy at her days work.  She cleans her terrace with a hand bristle broom, settling each one of her potted plants in their perfect place. 
There is a subtle peace about my view from here, it as if I am an observer.  The faint fan of the air conditioning muffles the horns in the streets.  The rustle and barking of the street dogs has calmed for the day.  I know the streets will stay busy now in the heat of the sun, but as of now I am a spectator through the glass windows of the ninth floor.  Soon I will return home to the land of ice and snow.  I have been given many gifts here on my travels, some of which were lessons, some messages, and some connections, all of which I will keep in my soul forever.  I have gratitude for this experience. 

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